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Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection

The classes in this module provide access to the Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection, which is maintained by Jure Leskovec.


A collection of methods to access the information about networks in the Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection.


A list of networks on the Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection web site. Each list item is an instance of the class.


Find and return the network by name. If no network is found, return None. Call get_network_list before calling this method to populate the network_list attribute.

Parameters:id (string) – a name of the network in SNAP collection
get_network_list(done_callback=None, progress_callback=None)

Read the networks from the SNAP web site and populate the n etwork_list attribute. If done_callback is set, an asynchronous HTTP request is made to the SNAP web site. If the done_callback is left None, the HTTP request made is synchronous and the network_list is returned.

  • done_callback (function(bool)) – a callback method called when the network info is downloaded
  • progress_callback (function(done, total)) – a callback method to update a progress bar
class'', link='', type='', nodes='', edges='', repository='', description='')

The NetworkInfo class provides information about a network on the SNAP web site.


The name of the network.

The url address of the network file.


Network type (directed, undirected).


Number of nodes in the network.


Number of edges in the network.


The repository name (Social networks, Communication networks, ...).


Detailed description of the network.


Read and return the network from file. Download the network to the Orange home first if it was not jet downloaded.

Parameters:progress_callback (function(numblocks, blocksize, filesize)) – a callback method to update a progress bar